Wedding photographer in Florence

Photography has been his life-long passion: has followed him through his life, experiencing all different kinds of photography: from fashion to weddings! Photo is mainly light and passion: no matter who you are or how you look.a good photographer will catch your best aspects, put them in the right light and get you masterpiece photos. That's what he does, that's his daily bet: no matter what condition he has to face (bad weather? Little light? Night photos?) he will get you something new, original, fun and most of all memorable! You look at his photos and you like don't know why, you don't know all the technical details, you don't know how they were shot like them. Maybe is that sensitiveness that makes him capable to mix and dose irony and elegance, maybe is the light and natural expression that our brides and grooms show, maybe is that ability to get a wonderful photo from.nothing..just a wall in the back, just a ladder on the side, just a quick glimpse of joyful eyes.

In the 90s when he moved from fashion to weddings he brought something new in the old and dusty style of wedding photography. He brought the love for human figure and curves, the elegance and colors that he gained in fashion. Because on your wedding day there isn't just a nice white bridal dress and an elegant black suite hanging on two hollow mannequins: first of all there are two people who are celebrating one of their lifelong lastly days.

And now that he knows the tricks, the problems to face on a wedding day, the techniques, he is passing them on, training new talented photographers, expanding his activity, making it a reference point for high quality wedding photography in Florence.