Wedding photographer in Florence

Young photographer specialized in digital techniques especially photojournalism style, Maurizio graduated from the Florence School of Photography at the age of 17. He than started his ranks for two years as assistant of a fashion photographer. But found his real passion in photojournalism working for 7 years for several main local and national newspapers as free lancer. Such experience added to personal qualities of flexibility and talent won him the charge of official Ansa (the main italian photojournalistic agency) cooperator.

In his wedding pictures he brought all his experience in photojournalism, his lenses are always ready to catch unexpected moments, curious situations; shot by shot he will portrait your wedding day as if it was a news story. He will than drag you through a 40 minutes shooting session where he will free all of his talent, his passion for perfect shots, finding the right light, showing you the right spots, always trying to find new fun and natural poses.

One suggestion...perfect match for Maurizio's kind of shooting is the photobook album. It will give his photos all the space and grandeur they need.